Brick Building Classes

The Art, Math & Science of Building.

Taught by a LEGO expert and educator, your child will learn new building techniques and be exposed to a universal language specific to building with LEGO bricks. They will explore how science, math and art all play a significant part in a building project. Children will be involved in both individual and group building challenges and projects. They will have a chance to express themselves with the use of building, experiment with their creativity, as well as have opportunities to share with the rest of the class what they have created.

Maximum of 10 children per class.

Children are encouraged to bring in LEGO “Show and Tell” items (in its own box or bag so your bricks do not get mixed up with ours) to share with the class. If you are enrolling more than one child and you want them in the same class, they must be registered in the youngest child’s class.  If city buses are not running due to weather then the mall is closed meaning no class will take place.


Registration – You must register directly with the teacher’s email:

Please include…
Childs Age
Childs Name
Parents Name
Emergency Contact Number (this should be the number that you can be reached at while your child is in class)
Special Needs or Notes pertaining to your child



Chesley - Tuedays
St Jacobs - Wednesdays